The Sunday School, established in 1982, reflects Kehilat Chaverim's
emphasis on providing a variety of ways to explore and express Jewish

The curriculum includes "conventional" topics which parents seek in a
Sunday School.  We teach about Jewish holidays, Jewish history and
culture, the Jewish life cycle, and Bible/rabbinic stories;  and we involve
students in arts and crafts, singing and dancing.  Classes at all grade
levels also include instruction in Hebrew.

We are less conventional in our efforts to emphasize personal ethics
and social justice; to stress the role of human beings in controlling their
own lives; to avoid sexism and sexist stereotyping.  Our teachers
present the Bible as history rather than as dictated law; and emphasize
a respect for diversity of American Judaism.

Special family education events on relevant topics are also planned
throughout the year.  Examples from past years include: Holiday
Celebrations, the Holocaust, the Torah, Life Cycle Events, Tzedakah
and the History of Hartford Jewish Life.

The school features:
  • A new, innovative curriculum
  • Integrated art and music
  • Mitzvah and social justice projects
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah preparation
  • Holiday celebrations
  • Family Shabbat services
  • Family education
  • Field Trips

School Year:    September  - May

For students 5-13 years old

Kehilat Chaverim. A Community of Friends...A welcoming cooperative where Judaism is celebrated.  
Sunday School
2012-2013 Sunday School Brochure
2012-2013 Sunday School Enrollment Form
“After years of searching for an inclusive and progressive Jewish community we were thrilled to find a lively and
welcoming organization in Kehilat Chaverim!   Kehilat Chaverim is a well-established family oriented group that has
created a hospitable space for celebrating Jewish life and identity for people from a wide range backgrounds and
identities. Its focus on Tikkun Olam, healing and repairing the world for people of all faiths and social orientations,
provides a generous refuge for individuals and families seeking an alternative path to Judaism.” - KCSS
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