Kehilat Chaverim's  Religious activities are facilitated by four committees.  These committees
work together to create programs of religious observance.
Kehilat Chaverim. A Community of Friends...A welcoming cooperative where Judaism is celebrated.  
Jewish Calendar / Religious Activities
Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Youth Activities/Education
Chair:  Laura Pels
Life-Long Learning with Kehilat Chaverim includes adult and youth programs.   
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Festivals Co-Chairs: Janet Abel, Ellen Coffey
Plans activities for Sukkot, Chanukah, and Purim.  For Passover, the committee will coordinate the
matching up of members for at-home Seders.

Shabbat Co-Chairs: Sandy Voice, Susan Doran
Develops and conducts monthly Sabbath services, usually on Friday
evenings.  Responsibilities include location, shopping, set-up,
clean-up and baby-sitting for Sabbath services, as well as
structure, content and leadership of services.  

High Holidays Co-Chairs: Sue Garten, Marcie Schwartz
Arranges logistics and coordinates services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
Kehilat Chaverim is a cooperative Jewish community of about 80 households in the Greater
Hartford, CT area, established in 1978 to find new ways to explore and express Jewish identity. Its
purpose is to meet the cultural, religious, educational, social and life-cycle needs of its members