Kehilat Chaverim's  Life-Learning mission is facilitated by two committees.  These
committees work together to provide programming to children and adults alike.
Kehilat Chaverim. A Community of Friends...A welcoming cooperative where Judaism is celebrated.  
Life-Long Learning
The Ed/Cult Committee fosters a fellowship of learning around
themes central to our members that creatively integrates elements
from many Kehilat committees.   We  seek to deepen and broaden
our understanding of Jewish life through shared study, exploration,
and experiences, which can include lectures, discussion, study, and
book groups and trips to theaters and museums.  Committee
members develop ideas and organize events.

Contact:  Sue Garten, Hila Yanai
Life-Long Learning - News and Events
Kehilat Chaverim is a cooperative Jewish community of about 80 households in the
Greater Hartford, CT area, established in 1978 to find new ways to explore and express Jewish
identity. Its purpose is to meet the cultural, religious, educational, social and life-cycle needs of
its members
Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Youth Activities/Education
Youth activities are provided for the children of Kehilat Chaverim. These include an annual Hanukah
latke making party, Chili cook-in with food donated to food pantries, harvesting at an area farm to
benefit Foodshare, and assisting at a Hartford soup kitchen. Youth activities, not all of which are food-
centered, are designed to engage our children, foster friendships, and help develop a sense of
community responsibility.

New in 2016 is a program for any adult member who would like to prepare for their Bar or Bat
Mitzvah. An eight-part, monthly study group is focused around discussions of the chapters of Kerry
M. Olitzky and Ronald H. Isaacs¹s "Rediscovering Judaism:  Bar & Bat Mitzvah for Adults.”  Topics
include social action initiatives, educational programming, Jewish history, Jewish life, and Jewish
culture. The program culminates in preparation of and participation in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah service.

Bar and Bat Mitzvot preparation for youth in Kehilat Chaverim differs from that found in most
congregations. The primary difference is that since 1982 members of Kehilat Chaverim have developed a
unique program that has not included the involvement of a rabbi to organize and lead the service.
Instead, experienced group members guide the families in the planning and participation of their child’
s event. It is this involvement that makes the Bar/Bat Mitzvah especially rewarding for the children,
their families, and the entire Kehilat Chaverim community. Families attend three workshops:  
Introduction, Service Preparation, and D¹var Torah (a talk on topics relating to a section--parasha--of
the Torah).

Even though at present Kehilat Chaverim is not operating a Sunday School, committee members are
committed to working with interested families to help them find a way to provide an appropriate and
worthwhile Jewish education for their children through other Sunday Schools, tutors, and online

Contact:  Laura Pels